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Professionals who are engaged by a firm and moving to American office are granted an L1 visa by the US. Candidates must be management, executive, or a specialist knowledge employee. You must attend an L1 interview in order to be granted this visa. Discover the L1 visa application deadline, L1B visa interview questions and answers, and preparation advice by reading further.

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What is an L1b visa?

The L1 Visa simply put is a form of intracompany transfer visa which enables businesses to relocate staff to the US in order to expand operations there by establishing new branches, subsidiaries, or affiliate offices. It offers a bunch of benefits such as the visa holder can legally live, work, and travel within the US, the dependants of the visa holder can accompany her/him to the US, the visa holder can apply for a permanent residency, and it enables a foreign organization in establishing a branch within the US. The validity of this visa is up to a period of 3 years but can be extended about 5 years.

You will probably want to be acquainted with the L1b visa processing time if you have a visa. Generally speaking, it might take three to four months to hear back about your L1B visa application. The processing period could be lengthier if the employer submits an individual petition rather than a general one. Additionally, take notice that premium processing is a possibility as well. In other words, for an extra cost, the visa application could be handled in as little as three weeks. So, if there is a pressing issue, one might decide to pay this amount to advance things.

Most importantly, there are a couple of L1B visa rejection reasons that you should be aware of such as,

  • Failing to provide evidence that the L1 petitioning firm is a live and operating business
  • Insufficient proof that the L1 recipient will be employed within the U.S. full-time, failing to give sufficient documentation of the L1 beneficiary’s past work experience in a relevant firm abroad.
  • Lack of documentation demonstrating the L1b beneficiary’s “specialized knowledge”.
  • The USCIS’s inconsistent decision-making

When Can You Interview for an L1 Visa?

Examine the following situations on when you may apply for the L1 visa before moving on to the L1 interview questions and answers:

You are a member of a company in your home country and its parent company or subsidiary within the US.

You are moving to the corporate headquarters of the business you are now employed at.

Additionally, an organization has the ability to transfer a sizable number of workers with L1 blanket authorization. It does away with the necessity for receiving particular clearance for the L1 visa. The following situations qualify an organization for L1 blanket approval:

  • The United States is where the group was founded. Over a thousand people work there in total.
  • This company’s annual revenues must reach $25 million.
  • In the last 12 months, it has approved at least 10 employees’ L1 visas.

In addition, it is the best option because of its flexible qualifying requirements and minimum educational need in comparison to other work visas.

What Are the Questions and Answers for the L1 Visa Interview?

The questions and answers for L1 visa interview are divided into five categories. –

  • 7 common L1 visa interview inquiries
  • Answers to 6 frequently asked L1 interview questions concerning your present job
  • Six typical L1 interview inquiries regarding your employment in the US
  • 5 typical queries for L1A visa interviews
  • 3 typical queries for L1B visa interviews

Seven common L1 visa interview inquiries

1. What kind of visa are you requesting?

Respond that you are requesting an L1 visa.

2. Could you verify your name & contact information?

Give a sensible response to this query.

3. Could you present your current passport, the receipt for your visa fee, and the papers I-797, I-128, and DS-160?

Bring the aforementioned paperwork with you and turn it in when needed.

4. Have you ever been to America?

Give a straightforward response, such as “yes” or “no.”

5. When have you returned from your trip, if you had been to the United States?

Give him/her the precise day, month, and year that you arrived in India from the US.

6. Have you ever held employment abroad?

Give a truthful response to this query.

7. Have you ever held a job in the United States?

If so, also give the person a paper verification.

Six Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Your Current Job in L1 Visa Interviews

An immigration officer indeed will go through your employment history here. You could anticipate inquiries like:

1. How long have you been working?

Provide a brief outline of your professional background. Include a description of your previous and present jobs in your response.

2. What company do you now work for? For how many years are you working in this company?

Mention your present employer’s name and the duration of your employment there.

3. What kind of work do you do?

Respond appropriately.

4. What responsibilities do you now have in your position?

Give specifics about your everyday job duties and responsibilities at the present company.

5. Who had been your previous employment before to this one?

Mention the organization’s name where you most recently held employment. Provide documentation to back up the information.

6. How much do you earn each month or annually?

Your bank statement may be required as proof of the monthly or yearly pay you are currently receiving.

Additional Questions

How many employees do you currently have under your direction?

Mention the quantity and specifics of the workers in your present organization who are under your direction.

What kind of instruction did you get?

Give a response based on the instruction you got.

Six typical L1 interview questions regarding your job in the US

Are you looking for “L1 visa interview questions & answers for the USA?” Here are the queries and their responses. Look at this:

1. Could you tell me more about the employment offer? What kind of job is handled by your organization?

An immigration officer requests an explanation, along with information on the new job you have been offered. Give specifics about the organization’s activities in response to the second question.

2. How much will you be paid when you get in the US? Are you going to get paid in dollars/any other currency? Will you be given any compensation?

Fill up the blanks with the appropriate information. Mention whether you will be paid in a foreign currency. Also, be honest with the immigration official when he or she asks if you get any allowances.

3. Why is a move to the US necessary for your current position?

Give the immigration officer a good reason why you need to go to the US in order to persuade them.

4. To whom will you submit your US reports? Mention the address.

Give information about the group or individuals to whom you actually will be reporting. Additionally, specify the location by supplying precise information about the American city or town.

5. Where will you reside when visiting America? For how long are you coming?

Mention the country’s city or town where you will be residing. Consider the requirement when you respond to the second question.

6. What are your contingency plans in the event that your present employer fires you?

Give a suitable response. If you become jobless while living in the United States, you must respond to this question with concrete measures.

According to the nature of employment, there are now two categories of L1 visas:

L1A – Only managers and executives may get this visa.

Employees with specific expertise are eligible for the L1B visa. Candidates with specialist expertise have a thorough understanding of a company, its product, and other specifics.

Check out the L1A and L1B questions now.

Five frequently asked questions about L1A visa interviews

1. Will you be able to fire workers and hire new ones for your prospective position?

Give specifics about your position of power within the organization.

2. When was the last time you let an employee go from their position?

Answer truthfully.

3. Will you have any say in how much money the business spends?

If the answer is yes, be sure to provide additional important factors such as the scope of your control.

4.How many employees will report directly to you?

Mention the names and contact information for the persons who will come to you for work.

5. What daily responsibilities will you have at your new employment in the US?

Mention the specifics of the duties and responsibilities of your position.control and other important data.

Three frequently asked questions about L1B visa interviews

1. Could you list the professional qualifications needed for this US position?

To persuade the immigration officer that you are the right candidate for the position, mention your skill sets.

2. How long have you been in your line of work?

Give a response that contains pertinent facts.

3. Describe why you believe a citizen in the US cannot carry out this job.

This is an important query. As a result, give solid justifications for your response.

L1 Visa Interview Preparation Tips

With the proper preparation, you can succeed in the L1 interview. You should think about the following straightforward advice:

  • Concentrate on Your Action: To start, you must be at the location a minimum of 15 minutes before the planned interview time. Choose dressy attire. While responding to the questions, maintain confidence. Do not forget to look at the immigration officer in the eye. To increase your chances of getting your visa approved, pay close attention when others ask you questions and answer thoughtfully and calmly. Thank the immigration officer for his or her time at the conclusion of the interview.
  • Always give Honest Answers: Avoid skipping or giving misleading information during any L1 interview. Honest answers are required. Every response is verified by the immigration officer. Any false information will provide the wrong impression and destroy your chances of passing this interview.
  • Give Clear Answers: The majority of the queries are about the workplace. Therefore, to make it simpler for the immigration officer to grasp each response, refrain from using technical jargon and plain English.

You may obtain your ideal job in the US with the right preparation and understanding of the L1 interview procedure. Additionally, ensure to remain informed of any amends to the qualifying requirements to prevent any last-minute trouble.

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