Re-entry Permit Thailand- The Ultimate Roadmap

re-entry thailand

The majority of foreigners who visit Thailand or intend to live there permanently or temporarily should get a visa. Thai visas are frequently offered with the choice of single/multiple entry, and for durations of thirty days to a year.

Even if you have not used all the allotted number of days on a visa for a single entrance, if you leave this country you are not permitted to enter again. The Thailand Re-Entry Permit can help with this.

With the Re-Entry Permit Thailand, visitors with single-entry visas can leave the country and return without their visas expiring. If you leave Thailand without obtaining a re-entry permission, then you will require to reapply for a visa at a Thai Embassy/Consulate in order to be admitted.

Who Needs Re-Entry Permit for Thailand?


You require Re-Entry Permit for Thailand if you have a Single-Entry Visa and want to leave Thailand without your visa expiring. Both Tourist & Non-Immigrant Visas are eligible for Re-Entry Permits. This is especially useful if you want to enter and leave Thailand without having to apply for a visa again and want to stay in Thailand for a lengthy amount of time (either as a student or worker).

The re-entry permission in fact is valid for as long as the visa is in effect. As a result, the days do not start over each time you visit Thailand. Should you re-enter with permission while holding a 30-day visa, you will not be granted an additional 30 days.

Who Is Not Entitled for Re-Entry Permit into Thailand?

If you possess one of the following, you are ineligible to apply for the re-entry permit for Thailand:

A maximum, non-extendable 15-day validity Thailand Visa on Arrival.

If you have a Thailand Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa/Multiple-Entry Non-Immigrant Visa, you can enter and exit the country several times within the period for which your visa is valid without losing it.

If you visited the country sans a visa as you are a resident of the nation whose citizens does not require a tourist visa for Thailand.

What Kinds of Re-Entry Permits Are Available in Thailand?

You can apply for one of two kinds of Thai re-entry permits:

A single-use Single Re-Entry Permit is accessible. There is merely one exit and entry permitted.

For as long as the visa remains in effect, you might leave & enter the country more than once with a Multiple Re-Entry Permit.

What Paperwork Is Necessary for a Thai Re-Entry Permit?

While applying for the re-entry permit in Thailand, you must present the following documents to the immigration officers:

Your current passport, which has the Thailand visa stamp, as well as copies of the necessary pages, including:

  • The page with personal information
  • Issue/expiration page
  • Any modifications to the personal data (in case any)
  • The most recent entrance stamp into Thailand
  • Stamp for an extension of stay, if necessary
  • A 4 x 6 centimeter photo of yourself that was taken within the previous six months.
  • Re-Entry Permit Form TM8, which is available online for download. Put the image on the form.
  • A duplicate of the Thailand Arrival or Departure Card (T.M.6) is also provided.
  • Any other paperwork associated with your visit to Thailand.

How can I apply for a re-entry permit into Thailand?

One of two places—an immigration office prior to your intended journey/an international airport on the actual day of your travel—is where you may apply for a re-entry visa Thailand.

Applying at a Border Crossing for Thailand Re-entry permit

A few days before to your journey, should you know well ahead that you will leave Thailand for a while, you may apply for the Re-Entry Permit in an adjacent Thai Immigration Office. Check the hours of operation for your neighborhood immigration office, then head to the Re-Entry Permit counter along with the necessary paperwork and enough cash to cover the expenses.

Depending on how many people are in queue, the procedure might take some minutes to many hours.

You must give the required information, give the required price, & then wait as the immigration agents process your application & stamp your passport with the Re-Entry Permit.

Applying at a global airport for Thailand Re-Entry Permit

You may apply for Re-Entry Permit too from Thai international airport on the day of your flight if you would prefer not to visit an immigration office. Before passing through immigration, you must obtain the permission from a re-entry permit counter at the airport.

Once more, the length of time it will require to process the re-entry permission will depend on how many people arrive before you, so you should arrive before your flight time.

What is the cost of the Thailand Re-Entry Permit?

Whether you apply for single-entry/multiple-entry permission will affect the cost of a Thai re-entry permit:

1000 Thai Baht is required to purchase single-entry Thailand re-entry permit.

3,800 Thai Baht is the cost of multiple-entry Thailand re-entry permit.

Thailand Re-entry Permit- Benefits Galore

You can leave Thailand and return on the same visa if you have this authorization. Visitors to Thailand who have the chance to go to the neighboring nations can do so while still being able to complete their legally permitted stay in Thailand. The owners of a year-long Thai visa, particularly students or retirees, are among the other groups that might profit from re-entry permits in Thailand. Thailand requires re-entry permission in cases of emergency if foreign tourists must leave the country but wish to be allowed to return.


Even if you have not utilized the all of your stay time, you will not be able to return if you hold a single-entry visa & leave the country. In these circumstances, having Thai re-entry permission is beneficial. With the use of this Thai document, you are able to leave the country & then return without endangering your visa.

There are two sorts of re-entry permits for Thailand: single-entry and multiple-entry. Each is priced differently. If you hold a multiple-entry Thailand visa, which permits you to enter and depart the country whenever you choose, you will not need this visa.

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