Unified Number UAE: 4 Ways to Find UID Number

UID Number

Millions of people apply for visas in the UAE. It is a country with unlimited possibilities. Its major cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are business magnets and investor-friendly regions. Foreigners from across the globe come to try their luck here. The metropolitan cities have sophisticated lifestyles, updated educational institutions, and numerous employment opportunities. To enter the UAE and live there for a certain period, you will require a Visa and a unified number. This number is provided to each individual who needs a permit to enter the UAE. But where do you find the Unified Number UAE?

Have you ever taken a glance at your UAE visit visa and found different numbers written on it? Do you know what is the meaning behind those numbers? Here is the all-inclusive guide to getting complete insight into the Unified number UAE printed on the visa.

UID Number UAE

What is Unified Number UAE?

Unified Identity Number (UID) is a six-digit unique identifier allotted to anyone who enters the UAE. This is an automatically generated number that helps identify the person visiting the country for tourism, business, residency, job, medical, etc. Regardless of your reason for staying in the UAE, you need a Visa. This is a legal permit to enter the UAE. Once your visa is approved, it’s punched with a distinctive identification number that remains the same throughout your stay in the UAE. If you have visited UAE on a tourist visa for the first time and then returned on a work visa afterward, this UID number remains unchanged and unaffected.

Key features of UID UAE

  • UID is a 6-digit number.
  • It is a permanent identification number.
  • The UID number does not change even when you renew or extend the UAE visa.
  • It is assigned by the General Directory of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).

Note: In very rare situations, an individual might get multiple unified numbers. This can happen due to technical glitches. Since each person must have single UID numbers, it’s important to get it merged as the duplicate records will create confusion and cause problems in any work further.

What is the use of UID Number UAE?

UID Number UAE is one of the important identity numbers in the country that can be used in:

  • Submitting the Emirates ID Application
  • Requesting the Residence Visa
  • Identity Confirmation in Immigration System

Important: The UID number is different from the visa and file number. In the file number, the first three digits signify the Emirate for which your visa is issued. Abu Dhabi’s visa code is 101, and Dubai’s is 201. The next three digits tell the year in which the visa was issued.

Purpose of UID Number UAE

Following are the few circumstances where you will need your unified number UAE:

  • Renting a property
  • Opening a Bank Account or other Bank Services
  • Applying for a Job

Where can I find UID Number UAE for a visit visa?

  • In your Emirates ID
    Look at the top right corner of the card, and you will find a unified number printed on it.
  • In your Visa
    For ex-pats, the UAE visa might look mind-boggling with numerous codes and numbers. The UID number on the UAE visa is located at the top, above the file number.
  • Through Call
    You can also inquire about the unified number at GDRFA toll-free number 8005111. The international phone number is +97143139999.

How to Check the UID number UAE online?

Another convenient option to find your UID is to go online. Follow the simple steps given below:

  • Visit the official website:
  • On the home page, tap on “E-services”.
  • Under the menu, click on “Find My UID”.
  • You will land on an inquiry service page. There, fill in the necessary information, such as passport number, nationality, date of birth, gender, etc.
  • Once you have filled out the form, press Submit. UID number displays on the screen.

How to Obtain the Unified Identity Number?

In case you do not get the Unified Number UAE online, you can visit the premise of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) and get the UID number by demonstrating the supporting documents. The main office is located at Al Jafiliya, Bur Dubai.

How to Merge UID Numbers UAE?

Visit the immigration office in the UAE. As per the given instructions, submit the required documents and then pay the fees. Soon, you will be notified of the successful merging update.

Other Numbers on the Visa

To remain steer clear of other numbers on the UAE visa, here are the details:

  • UAE Visa Number
  • File Number
  • Issue Date
  • Expiry Date


1. What is the UID number UAE?

It is a unique identification number of 6 digits placed on the top of your UAE visit visa.

2. What to do if my UID no is not printed?

If your UID number is not printed on the visa, you can enquire about it at GDRFA office or submit online query.

3. Can a person have multiple UID numbers?

No, an individual cannot have multiple UID numbers. If you have more than one UID number in UAE, you must visit the official immigration office to merge these numbers.

4. Is the UID number and Visa Number the same?

No, the UID number remains the same irrespective of your visa status. While the Visa number changes with the extension and renewal.

5.Who issues the UID number?

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) issues a UID number to every individual entering the UAE.


So, if you are traveling to the UAE for the first or nth time, a UID number is an essential requirement. Hope this guide helps you understand about the unified number UAE.

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