A Simple Guide to Applying for Slovakia Visa from Dubai


Wondering do you need a Slovakia visa from Dubai? The answer is yes! To help you learn more, this guide covers all the major steps of visa processing and things to know before applying for a visa.

With over 5 million inhabitants and about half the size of New York State, Slovakia is a tiny country tucked in the middle of Europe. It’s cheap attractions and tourist places draw budget travelers from across the globe. The country is brimming with the highest number of castles, beautiful natural scenery, striking national parks, the Dead Sea, untouched wilderness, and much more.

Although it is one of the underrated places in Europe, going to Slovakia might not be easy. Most foreigners require a Slovakia visa, including UAE residents.

So, if you are someone traveling to Slovakia from Dubai, this guide is your savior.

Slovakia Visa from Dubai

What is Slovakia Visa?

In order to enter the Slovak Republic or Slovakia, you need a Slovakia visa (Schengen visa). This is a document or endorsement on the passport that allows the holder to enter Slovakia (or the entire Schengen region) for a specified period of time. Schengen visa (for tourism, business, or family visits) permits travelers to stay for up to 90 days within 180 days duration. For a longer stay, like work or study, you require a long-term visa.

Except for EU/ EEA/ Schengen citizens, other nationals require a visa to enter Slovakia. There are a few non-EU nationals that can be granted short-term visas. The citizens of UAE also require a Schengen visa to visit, work or live in Slovakia.

Types of Slovakia Visa for UAE Residents

Based on the purpose of the visit, the types of Slovakia Visa from Dubai are:

  • Slovakia Tourist Visa
  • Slovakia Transit Visa
  • Slovakia Work Visa
  • Slovakia Student Visa
  • Slovakia Family Visa

A Slovakia visa allows the holder to enter the premise once, twice, or multiple times. Generally, a first-time traveler is granted a single-entry visa by default. If you require a multiple-entry visa, you must submit other supporting documents.

How to Get a Slovakia Visa from Dubai?

Here are the simplest-cum-detailed steps to get a Slovakia visa from Dubai:

Choose the visa type- Your answer to the right visa type is in the question – Why are you traveling to Slovakia? Take a look at all the kinds of visas, and apply for the most suitable choice based on your purpose of visit, which could be, tourism, work, family visit, education, etc. You also have to select the number of entries.
Fill out the Application Form- Applying for visas is now in the palm of your hand. Download the application form online and fill it out with the right, accurate details. If you find this hectic, consult our experienced visa professionals.
Gather the Documents – Attach the set of documents, such as passport, photographs, travel insurance, bank statements, etc.
Pay the Fees – Once you have ticked off all the mandatory boxes for visa submission, you must pay the requisite amount through the safe payment gateways. Wait for the notification from the Embassy.

Documents Requirement for Slovakia Visa

For a Slovakia visa, you must submit the following basic documents:
Application form:

  • Duly filled and signed


  • Valid for 3 months from the date of arrival in the country
  • Not more than ten years old
  • Have at least two blank pages to affix the visa
  • Signed by the holder
  • Copy of previous Schengen Visas within the last 3 years, if visited


  • Recently taken; not older than six months
  • Matt finish with white background and clear eye contact
  • Size 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm

Travel & Medical Insurance:

  • Covering all Schengen states
  • Comply with ticket dates
  • Risk coverage of 30,000 Euros
  • Signed and stamped by the insurance representative


  • Submit fingerprints if you are aged above 12.
  • Exception: Children under 12, the person whose hands/ fingers are amputated, the Head of State, or a member of the National Government

Accommodation & Flight:

  • Confirmed return ticket
  • Confirmed hotel reservations (hotel name, check-in, and check-out date)
  • Confirmation of payment for stay in Slovakia
  • Letter of Invitation, if residing at a friend or family’s place

Proof of Return:

  • A paid roundtrip ticket to show that you will leave the country within the visa validity

Financial Proof:

  • Personal bank statement (6 months)
  • Personal IT return (3 years)

Occupation Status:

    • if you are employed, show evidence of employment through a letter from the employer/NOC, and a Payslip for the last 3 months
    • In case you are the owner of the company, submit a cover letter on the company’s letterhead, 3 month’s bank

statement (with bank seal and signature), taxes paid, and more documents

  • Students have to submit a school/ university enrolment certificate or ID issued from school
  • Retired citizens must show proof of retirement and pension statements for the last three months
  • If you are self-employed, submit a copy of your business license and the last six months’ bank statements.

For Spouse of a Slovakian citizen:

  • Proof of citizenship
  • Slovakian marriage certificate

For Underage Children:

  • Proof of parents’ income
  • Consent letter from parents

In situations where you are going for a business trip or medical purposes, certain additional documents can be asked for. For example, to get a business visa, you must submit an invitation from a Slovakian company, a Memorandum and Article of Association, and total expenses.

Schengen Visa Fees

The standard fee for a Slovakia visa for UAE residents is 80 Euros. Children under six years old are exempted from any fees. Researchers from third countries, students and teachers undertaking educational training, or representative of non-profit organizations are also not charged fees for the visa.

Other Things to Know to Get Instant Approval for Slovakia Visa from Dubai

Follow these rules to avoid any kind of delays and rejections of Slovakia Visa:

  • Handwritten passports or passports of near 20-year validity are not acceptable.
  • Incomplete or inaccurate application forms are rejected.
  • Submit your application form at least 15 days before traveling, not before six months, to avoid delays.

Things to Know before Visiting Slovakia

If you are visiting Slovakia for the first time, these interesting facts about Slovakia will make you apply for a visa right away:

Train is the preferred mode of transportation
Slovakia is best seen by the trains. It is the most popular mode of transportation that takes you across the major landmarks.

Highest number of castles
Boasting a whopping number of 180 castles and 425 chateaux, Slovakia has the highest number of castles per capita.

Drinking is no big affair
Don’t be surprised when you find the drinking clan in Slovakia having their big sip even in the morning.

A massive array of caves
Slovakia has a whopping 6000 caves underground, most of which are linked to national parks. These national parks also have lakes, forests, and waterfalls to make your experience worthwhile.

Home to the first folk architecture reservation in the world
Step back into the traditional village life as you check out the folk architecture reservation in the beautiful village, Cicmany.

Amazing amount of mineral springs
There are about 1600 underground mineral springs in Slovakia that are the sources of pure drinking water and rejuvenating thermal baths.


How long does it take to get a Slovakia Visa?
The processing time for a Slovakia Schengen Visa is usually 15 days. But in certain complicated situations, the visa approval may take up to 60 days.

My passport will expire in two months. Will I get the visa?
No, you won’t. One of the requirements for applying for a Slovakia Visa from Dubai is that the passport must be valid for three months from the date of arrival.

Can I visit more than one country with the same Schengen visa?
Yes, you can explore more Schengen countries with a single visa within the given duration.

What can I do if my Schengen Visa is rejected?
If you have received a visa refusal or denial, submit an appeal in the local language of Slovakia. It includes your name, personal information, reason for rejection, and why you believe it was a mistake. If it was a sincere error, you might have to reapply for the visa.

Can I extend my Slovakia Visa?
A short-term Slovakia Schengen Visa can only be extended in rare circumstances.

Is it necessary to get travel insurance?
Travel insurance is highly recommendable for any foreign trip as it saves you from any stress or hassle during your trip.

What is Slovakia famous for?
Slovakia is located in Central Europe and has plenty of tourist attractions, considering its pocket size. It has UNESCO Heritage Sites, castles & palaces, national parks, jaw-dropping scenery, mineral springs, and numerous mysterious places.

Is Slovakia a cheap country to visit?
Considering the travel price of Italy and France, Slovakia is a cheaper European country. It has affordable stays and dining areas.

Slovakia is one of the best countries to visit in Europe. So, begin your adventure with the Slovakia visa from Dubai and have memorable days spent here.

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